• We provide high accuracy Face Recognition and Liveness Detection SDKs.
  • We develop, manufacture broad AI solutions including Smart Face Locks and Face Access Controls.
  • We are specialized in several AI tech including Computer Vision, NLP and Data Science.
  • We are specialized in IoT Technology.

Liveness Detection API

Upload your last party group photo (or a photo you got online) and check if it’s genuine or spoof.
Liveness detection distinguishes live persons from presentation attacks such as photos, videos or masks.

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a file or camera for selfie

Our SDKs

Our Face Recognition solutions are very robust and easy to integrate.
We provide Infrared sensor based solutions as well as normal cameras.

Face SDK Demo Android APP

Face Liveness Detection(Color, IR, Depth)

Face Recognition (Color, IR)

How it works

Developing AI face recognition apps takes time. In order to deliver the best solution to meet all the requirements & harmonize the client’s needs, every step matters. Our algorithm aims to help you match familiar and unfamiliar faces to their identity.